About Us

LEDTECH has been the leading supplier of high-efficiency & high-quality Commercial LED lighting and LED electrical products. LED Products that we sell has most innovative product lines in terms of LED Chips, drivers & lens type. Over the past 5 years, LEDTECH has been able to expand as a company with innovative concepts in LED lighting design, importing, and national distribution.

With access to over thousands of electrical supplies and commercial lighting equipment, our friendly staff is ready to get you the right materials for every commercial, industrial, retail & residential lighting needs.

Our experience in serving electricians and contractors has proven a reputation providing quality and superb service in addition to our reasonable pricing.

Not just LED Anymore - LEDTECH is also into SOLAR Products: We have just launched with Solar WALL LIGHTS!

Switching to renewable energy isn′t just a smart environmental decision; it′s also great for your bottom line. Many organizations are in the process of going green by switching to LED/Solar and also saving company costs including the Nonprofit and community-serving organizations that tend to have very tight budgets

Choosing SOLAR can save you thousands of dollars each year in electricity costs – dollars that you can give right back to the community you serve.

Of course, the greatest benefit in switching to renewable energy is that it′s a sustainable resource that′ll never run out, get more expensive or pollute the environment. We like to say it′s 100% spill-proof. Switching to solar power helps keep excess CO2 out of the atmosphere, making the air more breathable and helping to slow climate change. This all leads to a healthier environment for future generations of our families and communities

LEDTECH is devoted to providing the best customer service in all that we do!

Please browse through our selection of LED lighting and enlighten yourself with the latest trends, finishes and creative lighting possibilities.

LEDTECH is committed to the movement for a healthier planet. Join us!